4th Newsletter - April 2012

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April 2012

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New tools are now available on the SDHtake-off project website. A list of existing SDH plants in Europe can now be consulted, many guidelines facts sheets present technical and non-technical aspects of SDH and the new project brochure can be downloaded.


This workshop will be organized during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (18-22 June 2012). Representatives of local authorities and enterprises are invited to discuss with experts how solar district heating can contribute to a sustainable and renewable heat supply for cities and villages.


The new SDHplus project, has been positively evaluated by the IEE program. The main idea is to develop new business models and market strategies and spread already successfully applied concepts to further introduce solar thermal energy on the district heating market.


Are you interested in the possibilities of solar district heating, but do not know where to start? Do not worry; a series of fact sheets explain each part of the process and the technology behind it. Download the entire fact sheet collection or pick one out describing a specific topic.


A set of training slides, targeted to both professionals and trainers, is now available on the project website in English, Czech, Danish and Italian. This training material is exhaustive, covering all the key topics, from solar thermal technology to its integration in DH grids. Download the training material.


Smart district heating encounters growing interest in Northern and Central Europe, the  large solar district heating systems  market grows exponentially in Denmark, and Drake Landing Solar Community received the 2011 Energy Globe Award. Next meeting in May 2012 in Braedstrup, Denmark.


A consortium of Slovenian and Austrian completed the first large scale solar thermal plant in Slovenia in March 2012. Solar collectors with an area of 842.3 m² feed their energy into a storage tank of 93 m², which in turn feeds into the district heating grid of Vransko.


The new office building Loen in the center of Stockholm is equipped with an energy efficient HVAC system and certified as a Green Building. Cooling is provided by DesiCool from Munters AB and 220 m2 solar collectors from Aquasol AB. Solar heat will also cover a large part of the hot water demand.


In Braedstrup, Denmark, an existing 8,000 m² solar collector area feeding a district heating network, is in a first extension phase. It will be extended to 20,600 m², and combined with a borehole seasonal storage, to attain 20% of solar coverage.


The Breadstrup District Heating Company is now extending its solar plant, and implementing a pilot borehole storage system, as a first step towards achieving their goal: 50% of the heat production covered with solar.


One of the absolute highlights of  the IEA-SHC Task 45 meeting and workshops in Canada in October 2011 was the visit to the Drake Landing Solar Community (DLSC),  Okotoks, Alberta. The system proves that SDH can provide close to 100% of the annual heat load even for a cold climate at high latitudes.


The German research project ’Dezentral’ aims at finding and developing solutions and techniques for decentral feed-in in district heating systems. Basing on the example of solar thermal energy, already existing solutions will be adapted to the constraints of renewable energies.


The new act on supported energy sources with Senate’s amendments was adopted by Parliament on 31st January 2012.


The KfW Bank and the Ministry for the Environment (BMU) have agreed on incentives for large scale heat production from renewable energies for the next 5 years in Germany.


The current world biggest solar thermal plant was built in Riad, Saudi Arabia by Millemium Energy Industries and started delivering heat in July 2011.

Participate in the upcoming SDH events
Participate in the upcoming SDH events

Save the date! The 5th International Solar District Heating Conference will take place on 11 and 12 April 2018 in Graz, Austria.

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NEW Brochure and Project Leaflets
NEW Brochure and Project Leaflets
European Large Scale Solar Heating Plant Database
European Large Scale Solar Heating Plant Database
Download all SDH guidelines in one file
Download all SDH guidelines in one file
Find professionals
Find professionals
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SDH related projects
SDH related projects

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