5th International Solar District Heating Conference

Save the date for the 5th International Solar District Heating Conference in Graz, Austria!

The fifth edition of the International Solar District Heating Conference will take place on 11 and 12 April 2018 in Graz, Austria. It will focus on sharing market development and policy making experience, recent projects as well as latest trends in technology and system concepts. This established venue represents every time a great exchange opportunity between experienced and interested market actors, policy makers and researchers from all over Europe. The city of Graz, a pioneer and frontrunner in integrating solar thermal in its district heating network, is a particularly appropriate location to host the International Solar District Heating Conference and will offer perfect opportunities for technical tours within the event program.

Save the date for this key event in the world of solar and renewable district heating! More information as well as opportunities to contribute will be available here soon.

Call for abstracts - Deadline extended !

Researchers, market actors and policy makers are invited to submit an abstract in order to present their most recent works and results at this key international event in the world of solar and renewable district heating. The following topics have been selected by the Conference Program Committee:

Topic 1: Supporting SDH in your region
  • supporting policy
  • availability of areas
  • financing
  • frameworks and projects in new markets
  • innovative business models
Topic 2: SDH in urban context
  • integration in larger urban DH systems
  • large collector fields in urban environment
Topic 3: Repowering biomass heating plants with SDH
  • projects
  • framework 
  • economics
Topic 4: Advanced concepts and components
  • collectors
  • storage
  • system integration
  • monitoring results
Please send your 2 page abstract before 25 October 2017 to SDHConference@solar-district-heating.eu. Your abstract will be evaluated by our program committee and you will be notified until 6 December 2017.

Program Committee:

Scientific chairs:
Christian Fink, AEE Intec
Thomas Pauschinger, Steinbeis Research Institute Solites

Program Committee members:
Riccardo Battisti, Ambiente Italia
Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Chalmers University
Christian Holter, SOLID
Heiko Huther, AGFW
Per Kristensen, Danish District Heating Association
Torsten Lütten, Savosolar
Gerald Moravi, Energie Steiermark Wärme GmbH
Cédric Paulus, CEA INES
Harald Poscharnig, GreenOneTec
Alessandro Provaggi, Euroheat and Power
Matthias Sandrock, Hamburg Institute
Simone Skalicki, Region Styria
Per-Alex Soerensen, PlanEnergi

Previous conferences:
Malmö, Sweden in 2013
Hamburg, Germany in 2014
Toulouse, France in 2015
Billund, Denmark in 2016

This conference is organized by:

  http://www.aee-intec.at/ http://www.agfw.de http://www.solites.de

With the support of:

http://www.hamburg-institut.com/ http://planenergi.eu/ http://solid.at/de/ http://www.raee.org/en/raee-regional-energy-and-environment-agency-in-rhone-alpes.html http://www.ambienteitalia.it/ http://www.izeb.eu/ http://ieo.pl/en/ http://www.cit.chalmers.se/en/our-subsidiaries/cit-energy-management/ www.verwaltung.steiermark.at https://www.euroheat.org/

This conference is supported by:


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Brochure and Project Leaflets
Brochure and Project Leaflets
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European Large Scale Solar Heating Plant Database
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Download all SDH guidelines in one file
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Find professionals
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SDH related projects

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