Ranking List of European Large Scale Solar Heating Plants

This section presents a ranking list of large scale solar heating plants located in Europe and with a nominal capacity higher than 700 kWth. This data base allows you to learn from best practice realizations, to find detailed technical information and cost data or to get in contact with the plant operators. Use the filter tool to easily select plants corresponding to the desired size, location or category. Benefit from this well introduced platform for presenting your own plant.

The ranking list of large scale solar heating plants is managed by Jan-Olof Dalenbäck, Chalmers University Gothenborg, SE. The list was developed in cooperation with partners of the European Large-scale Solar Heating Network, Working Group 2E of the European Solar Thermal Technology Platform and the IEE Solar District Heating in Europe project.

For more information contact plantdatabase@solar-district-heating.eu.

Status: end of 2016

Ranking List Overview
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Copyright Information:
Plant Factsheet
Owner: Braedstrup Fjernvarme, DK Location: Braedstrup, Denmark
Start of operation: 2007 Shutdown:
Aperture area in m2: 18612 Capacity in kwth 13027
Collector system: FPC Collector placement: Ground
Storage type: BTES Storage size in m3: 0
Load type: Load size in GWh/a: 42
System type: DS, SS
Plant description

Ground Located solar plant which is operated in
combination with a CHP.

There is no seasonal storage systems at the time but a
steel tank at 2.000 m3/110 MWh

Further Information


Downloads: Factsheet

Contact Person: Per Kristensen, pk@braedstrup-fjernvarme.dk

System types
SS Seasonal storage
DS Diurnal storage
XS No storage (district network)
Storage types
ATES Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
BTES Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (soil, rock)
WTES Water Thermal Energy Storage (rock cavern, concrete and steel tank, pit, above or below ground)
WGTES Water / Gravel Thermal Energy Storage (pit below ground)
Collector types
FPC Flat plate collector = Default
ETC Evacuated tube collector
CPC Compound parabolic collectors
PTC Parabolic trough collector
UG Unglazed collector (absorber)
DB Drain back (Default = Pumped system / antifreeze)
R Reflector
Wood Chips, pellet, etc
HP Stored heat partly utilized by a heat pump
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NEW Brochure and Project Leaflets
European Large Scale Solar Heating Plant Database
European Large Scale Solar Heating Plant Database
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Download all SDH guidelines in one file
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